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Ghouls, stop climbing your mansters

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I just drew some things I felt like sharing.

Cross-posted, so you might see this post more than once on your friends list. Sorry about that! ^^;

WTT Ghouls Rule and TRU Exclusives

Have all four of the new Ghouls Rule gals to trade. Their hair is a bit wonky, they *all* had wonky hair, but their paint and clothes are good. The boxes aren't what I'd call minty, but they're not seriously dinged up. Photos: http://ow.ly/i/Koqk // http://ow.ly/i/KoqG

Also have TRU Exclusive Frankie and Abbey in minty-fresh condition. Photo: http://ow.ly/KpSF

Looking for:
Coffin Bean Draculaura (is she out?)
Gil Webber
Lagoona 2.0
Dot Dead Gorgeous Operetta
Robecca, Venus (of course)

Dolls don't need to be in boxes so long as they've got all their original stock and are in display condition. If you want more than one doll or want a doll plus cash or whatever, just make me an offer. I'm flexible. Totally willing to ship anywhere, too.

Also willing to trade the whole set for someone to pick me up a Scarah and Hoodude (also really want a Derpy from Hasbro) if you're going to SDCC

(Sorry for formatting weirdness, I'm posting from my phone.)

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This is my first time posting to this community, so I thought I'd introduce myself. I've been collecting Monster High dolls since last November, and this year I started doing my own Monster High reroots. I've been rerooting dolls for almost 13 years, and I find the Monster High dolls to be particularly fun because of their unique skin tones, but they are quite challenging because of the amount of glue they have in their heads. ^^;;; I've realized that the made in China dolls(Dead Tired, Skull Shores, and first wave of 2.0 dolls) don't have glue, and judging from the way Roller Maze Ghoulia and Frankie look, they will probably be made in China as well, so I'm looking forward to using them as raw materials. ^_^ I've rerooted six Monster High dolls so far--I put a picture of my second reroot under a cut.

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Doll customization tutorial (sort of)

As requested, I've whipped up a two-cents tutorial for how I made my first custom MH doll, Quin Qilin.

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Overall I think she turned out fairly well for a first attempt; I'm already working on several more customs so I'm sure I'll be applying what I learned here to the new dolls and learning more. If anyone's got questions or suggestions, feel free to ask and tell!


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Under Construction?

Monster High.com is under construction!

Is anything coming up that I don't recall?

Taking off Draculaura's boots?

To those who have done it: what's the trick? I've tried several times now but I'm terrified of snapping off her fragile knee joint or that the boots won't go back on once they're off.

Thanks for any help! I'm thinking of getting Frankie soon and the first thing I want to do is put Frankie's pumps on her.


Hello~! + Frankie photoshoot!

Hi, everyone!

I discovered these dolls on a trip to the USA and ended up coming back to Canada with Frankie and Lagoona. Although I wish I had snagged a Clawdeen. I love Draculaura too, but her deep red lips bugged me when they're so pink in the cartoons! I'm waiting patiently for the perfect one. D8 While in the USA, my boyfriend and I did a couple of photoshoots of the dolls and I thought I would share my first shoot I did with Frankie at the playground/park!

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What are your dream MH products?

What would you like to see next?

Personally I think Matell missed the mark a bit on back to school and should have done MH school supplies. I'm a school supply junkie and would love folders, pens, pencils and the like. DVDs of course. It would be nice if they would release the episodes on iTunes. I'd love computer, cell phone accessories.

Ghoulia inspires!

Okay, so I haven't really drawn any sort've thing since sophmore year of high school 6/7 or so years ago, but I was inspired by Ghoulia's pictures from DotD, and using some color pencils and the prototype group image & the actual one from Cleo's doll, I drew this little thing -

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