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First fanfic.

*sidles in*

So uh, heeeeey guuuuuys. My computer was totally awesome today and let me load things. And um... I watched all the episodes.

Crossover pie, anyone? Cos I mean, I've been writing Lock, Shock and Barrel as teens for a while now, and canon does say Jack has four or five kids....


Clawdeen is done!

It took 3 hours (drew her while being distracted watching Back to the Future II) and nothing better to do but here she is

Sorry again. Big pictureCollapse )
Does any one here have any idea on how to straighten Lagoona's hair? I think she'd look better with straight hair as opposed to curly hair like she has now. I just don't want to ruin her or her hair in attempts to make it stick straight.

My first Monster High Fan Art

To the Texas Collectors

I don't know if there are any others out there besides me, but if you're in Texas and still wanting one of the basic dolls, HEB has them! I don't know if the regular HEBs do, but the plus stores definitely have a decent selection, as well as some accessories(a largish purse was all I remember from my quick glances). Just an FYI!

Curiouser and curiouser

So, boxed pictures of all of the Dawn of the Dance dolls have surfaced. Aside from the doll each comes with two photos, the funny face one and their own personal one -

Frankie comes with this (Her, Lagoona & Draculaura)-


Clawdeen comes with this (Her, Draculaura & Frankie)-


And Cleo with this one (Her with Deuce & Ghoulia)-


Which has me thinking, exactly what does the group photo go to? -


They definitely wouldn't just make this for show, right? So it's got to belong to a doll or something else. What do you guys think/hope for? I'm guessing a big fashion pack with the outfits for the other DotD dolls (ala winx's dance night pack).

I'm also guessing that its for something coming this fall or early spring, as they wouldn't have had it ready if it wasn't going to be showing up.

But I'm not sure really. What do you think? I'd love dolls for Lagoona & Draculaura at least, but I'd happily take clothes as well.

Pin Up 1: Draculaura

Draculaura at the Beach
by ~Diaktoros on deviantART

"Daaaaaaad, what good is a trip to the beach if I'm stuck under this umbrella?!"
Working on some pin ups for you guys, probably Draculaura first because vampires at the beach is just so obvious.

Is anyone interested in a wiki besides me? I don't know if I'm the only fanfic person here, but I love wikis and I know they don't really work that well when it's only one person doing the articles. Anyone interested in making us a wikia for Monster High canon? Am I jumping the gun on this? I just thought of it a few minutes ago.

Oh! And speaking of a few minutes ago, my spouse just finished this AMAZING song called 'Alive'. It's from the viewpoint of Frankenstein's monster and it's really dark and awesome. It got me thinking: what kind of music do the kids listen to? I mean, what world is this in? Obviously being a monster is acceptable in their world, but how has that affected pop culture? I think about these things.